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Artist Spotlight: Susan Romphf

"The creative process is exciting and necessary to provide balance in my life. As I enter retirement, this has become both my passion and my business."

This summer I caught up with Susan at the Urban Arts Tour hosted by Esquimalt Community Arts Hub. It was such a joy to see how many beautiful pieces she had created for the show. Her lawn and driveway were covered in her unique creations. Susan was always a great inspiration to me during our time at Coast Collective, I really admire her ability to turn her hand to so many crafts and create whatever brings her joy, whether it was bags, wall art, jewelry, home accessories, or something else, she can sit down and bring it to life.

Fun Fact: Susan is also a grandmother to creative souls who were selling their paintings, soaps, and jewelry alongside her at the show. It was beautiful to see her love of creating passed down to future generations.