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Artist Spotlight: Susan Romphf

"The creative process is exciting and necessary to provide balance in my life. As I enter retirement, this has become both my passion and my business."

This summer I caught up with Susan at the Urban Arts Tour hosted by Esquimalt Community Arts Hub. It was such a joy to see how many beautiful pieces she had created for the show. Her lawn and driveway were covered in her unique creations. Susan was always a great inspiration to me during our time at Coast Collective, I really admire her ability to turn her hand to so many crafts and create whatever brings her joy, whether it was bags, wall art, jewelry, home accessories, or something else, she can sit down and bring it to life.

Fun Fact: Susan is also a grandmother to creative souls who were selling their paintings, soaps, and jewelry alongside her at the show. It was beautiful to see her love of creating passed down to future generations.


Ok, let's begin...

First of all tell us who you are!

Magabagsetc creations by Susan Romphf

What do you make, create, or sell?

I create bags, and wallets using cork fabric and silk fusion. Using the process of silk fusion I create jewelry, vases, and light bottles. Clients can also have bags made from vinyl with a silk fusion accent. All bags have an embroidery motif.

Resin jewelry is part of my shop as well. Earrings and necklaces 5hat are colourful and light.

Where can people find you online? is my website. And my instagram is @sjromphf

How and when did you first start your craft?

I was taking a mixed media art class the summer of 2010. One of the processes was silk fusion! AMD I fell in love with the fibre and the process. I started to make simple bags using silk fusion and fabric. Then I found cork! I began in 2014 to create bags with silk fusion and cork. As I continued to try new patterns I learned how to install zippers which took my bags to a new level. In 2016 I purchase an embroidery machine and added another dimension to my bag making.

Always looking for new ways to use silk fibre I started to creat leaf earrings and necklaces with silk roving, and to use silk hankie to added to wine bottles then add a light and you have a fun house accessory. Added to a glass vase you have a unique hose accessory.

What has been your favourite creation so far?

I have to say my last cork bag the Rudeneja a pattern by Lavender and Twine

What is your favourite part of your creation process?

Starting with a piece of cork or vinyl then adding the silk fusion. Sometimes I need to make a new piece of fusion to go with the main colour. Then the theme so the lining and the embroidered accent.

Aside from the tools of your craft, what is the most important thing for you to have when you sit down to create?

It’s when in need to have time for me! I go to my studio and start to plan, if I need a creative boost I make silk fusion. This gets me going.

Do you create full time? How much time do you spend on your craft?

I try to be in my studio 3 days a week. More often of I can.

Any tips for others starting out in your creative field?

Find a fibre you’d love and experiment.

Make sure to follow Susan's instagram for more updates and her wonderful creations here.


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