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Artist Spotlight: Liian Varus

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

In May I posted in a Facebook group that I would like to gift a mini photo session and interview to a local artist. I asked people to nominate Sooke based artists that deserve a spotlight (knowing that all of them do; there will never be enough artists sharing their work with the world). The comment section blew up with the name Liian Varus. I mean totally exploded. Comment after comment came in with a plethora of reasons why this talented author deserved more recognition. My interest was officially piqued. Flicking through page after page of his work, I fell swiftly down the rabbit hole finding myself firmly lodged, to this day, in the fandom (murder, I guess) of Caws the Gorcrow.

"I am a mad crow. I write poetry. It's dark. The horror of depression is my muse. Let's just say I wouldn't make a very good children's author."

Fun fact: Liian has never taken human form in front of his fans (correct