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Artist Spotlight: Liian Varus

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

In May I posted in a Facebook group that I would like to gift a mini photo session and interview to a local artist. I asked people to nominate Sooke based artists that deserve a spotlight (knowing that all of them do; there will never be enough artists sharing their work with the world). The comment section blew up with the name Liian Varus. I mean totally exploded. Comment after comment came in with a plethora of reasons why this talented author deserved more recognition. My interest was officially piqued. Flicking through page after page of his work, I fell swiftly down the rabbit hole finding myself firmly lodged, to this day, in the fandom (murder, I guess) of Caws the Gorcrow.

"I am a mad crow. I write poetry. It's dark. The horror of depression is my muse. Let's just say I wouldn't make a very good children's author."

Fun fact: Liian has never taken human form in front of his fans (correct on June 12th 2022). Many speculate that there is no human form, others believe that under his crow mask lies another mask, with another under that. The question isn't 'who is the man behind the mask?', but rather 'is there a human behind the crow?'.


Ok, let's begin...

First of all tell us who you are!

Liian Varus

What do you make, create, or sell?

I am an author of absolutely terrible poetry.

Where can people find you online?

Amazon. Ew.

How and when did you first start your craft?

When I was just a young fledgling. Yes. A fledgling. Because I'm a crow.

What has been your favourite creation so far?

Open The Big Top. It's a book about needing to find a telephone inside a decrepit circus. More or less. I drew all the pictures myself.

What is your favourite part of your creation process?

The incessant crying. Mostly.

Aside from the tools of your craft, what is the most important thing for you to have when you sit down to create?

Really depressing music. Beer

Do you create full time? How much time do you spend on your craft?

Honestly, about three hours a week. I mean why do I even bother? I should just quit. Women like men who are quitters, right?

Any tips for others starting out in your creative field?

Don't. Just don't.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I think sex is okay.

Meeting Liian, planning this creative shoot, discovering his poetry, and having the honor of chatting with him about his work was really not what I had expected when I first posted asking for artist suggestions on Facebook. As an artist and art lover, I knew I would be grateful for the chance of working with any artist and would enjoying shining a spotlight on their work, showing their talent to the world. It lights me up knowing I am able to connect people with art, and artists with new admirers. Unexpectedly in this case, 'people' and 'new admireres' referred to me.

I didn't expect this offering to connect me with one of my new favourite pieces of writing, but that is exactly what happened. A bit of background, I have a very niche love of dark, grotesque, fantasty, horror literature and animation. Open The Big Top is as if this talented author grasped into the dark recesses of my grotesque imagination and created this work to include all of my interests, fascinations, and nightmares.

In short, Open The Big Top is an absolute masterpiece. I read it, then instantly reread it. It's a fever dream from which you feel you can't escape, even when the last words are concluded and the book is firmly closed. It still appears to me in echoes when I think I'm thinking of something else. I love that. You know when you watch a reallllyyyy good movie, one that resonates with some aspect of your waking life, and you get lost in thoughts of it for days afterwards; that's what Open The Big Top did to me.

Other creations from this author (including the collection of poetry 'Oh, To Be Human' featured in our photoshoot) are available for purchase on Amazon in various formats.

Aside from poetry collections, his fans are enamoured and entertained by letters and inscriptions written to purchasers of his books. Each one is indivdual, nonsensical, and down right brillaint. If you do nothing else, have a look out for them, they're so much fun.

Follow Liian on social media and take a leap into the fantastical world he creates (spoiler alert: the only way is down and there is no means of escape).


Are you an artist, crafter, or creator wanting to level up your branding for this coming season?

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