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Small Business Spotlight: Run Wild Farm Stay

Run Wild Farm Stay is located in the vast, dream-like wilderness of Vancouver Island's Otter Point area. A drive through increasingly winding roads and lush forest will bring you to this beautiful, expansive property in the creative and compassionate hands of Brett and her family. Brett is a talented entrepreneur, author of a children's book, animal rescuer, and all round lovely human. It was such a joy to visit her property and see her vision and passion in the stages of becoming reality.

"First get really clear on your goals and dreams. Next be bold in the face of adversity when chasing those dreams, and DO NOT SETTLE for anything less, fortune favours the bold. Go team!"

Fun fact: Brett needed a headshot to send to the publisher of her new children's book, so we decided to do a mini personal branding shoot and get some extras for her to use in other ventures. This property was such an amazing backdrop to include all of the facets of Brett's life and personality. When I learned about the Farm Stay her family was creating, I knew I had to feature it here. Getting a tour of the property and meeting all of the animals made an already fun shoot really special.

Ok, let's begin...

First of all tell us who you are!

We are the future Run Wild Farmstay, and I am Brett MacLean.

What do you make, create, or sell?

Run Wild Farmstay will be offering camp and cabin accommodations as well as facilitating equine assisted therapy workshops, trail riding, and homesteading activities.

Where can people find you online? (website coming soon!)

When did you first start your business and what inspired you to do so?

I purchased the property as rough, raw land in 2020 and it's been a non-stop adventure since then!

What has been your favourite part of building your brand?

Watching the land transform into a healthy, green ecosystem from the aftermath of clear cut logging practices

What is your favourite part of your creation process?

Incorporating elements of permaculture, ethical animal husbandry, and organic gardening into the design of the property.

Aside from the tools of your craft, what is the most important thing you have to have for it to be a good day?

I sit with the land, letting the feeling of the various topography elements influence how we will shape the future.

Growing a brand takes a lot of work. How much time do you spend on your business in an average week?

There hasn't been much work/life balance in the last 2 years. This is a large, multifaceted project that requires constant attention.

Any tips for others starting out in your creative field?

Get advice from someone who has taken raw land into real estate project fruition. Run your cash flow projections until you are blue in the face, and then do it again.

Thanks to Brett for reaching out. Working with a multi talented, creative human who also understood my need to obsessively take pictures of chickens is such a treat for me as a crazy bird lady.

I really loved my time walking around this property and meeting all of the residents. I'm already jelous of anyone who is lucky enough to spend time or attend an event here in the future once it's all up and running.


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