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"I just played in my studio and Victoria was able to catch the feel of the was truly a delight as she worked intuitively."

Who am I?

I'm Victoria, you can call me Vic 


Cedar Cottage Creative was born from my desire to help creative humans like yourself build an online presence that authentically represents you as an artist,  illuminating where your brand is going, telling the world your story.

These days, high qualiy images of you and your creations are more important than ever. When I say you, I don't mean the cookie cutter, judgement fearing version crammed in a socially constructed (and frankly suffocating) box, I mean the unapologetically loud, non conforming, social-construct-smashing artist that creates unashamedly whatever, and wherever they want. That's who the world deserves to see, however and whatever that looks like for you. As long as it is you. 

I  am in awe of the vision and determination it has taken you to grow a small creative business from the ground up.

Doing everything yourself, figuring it out as you go, you get weighed down by the tasks that take you away from what you want truly want to create. It is no exaggeration that you have to be everything, and that is daunting at the best of times.  
You've worn all of those hats for long enough, and while they look great (very stylish!), they get heavy after a while don't they?

Let me wear some for you. 

Victoria Bailey-25_edited.jpg

That's me!

Let's work together!


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